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State of the Union State of the Union Season 2 March 23, 2020 Mike doesn't need to tell you how FUCKED everything is, but he's gonna tell ya anyway. Listen to Mike's good advice, stay home, and STAY SAFE! But it's not all bad news - there's some awesome stuff coming your way too...
Park After Dark Park After Dark Season 1 Episode 51 - We Totally Did Not Fuckin' Kidnap Jay Baruchel It may or may not be Ricky's birthday, and Julian may or may not have borrowed Jay Baruchel from the Sunnyvale food court, but at least there's weed, booze and popcorn! Jay chats about Clint Eastwood, dragons, and why fast food is so awesome. Also: Who Let the Dogs Out?!
Mailbag Mailbag Season 2 Episode 54 - Mailbag Orgy It's greasier than one of J-Roc's movies in the Mailbag today - JP's sword gets a serious workout, there's a sexy song for Ricky, and a stereo orgy going down! Also: Cock soup, fish sausages and horbiculture!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Season 1 Episode 50 - Bad Lucker Day Bubbles doesn't believe in all that Friday 13th bullshit, so why is he nervous? Ricky has tips on dealing with one-night stands and strangely arranged breasts, and Julian discovers a real cat-dog! Also: The Coronavirus has fucked up the Boys' plans to move to Italy... or has it?!
Mailbag Mailbag Season 2 Episode 53 - Bag of Hope Mike's decided to be kind to the Mailbag letter writers asking for autographs and shit - let's see how fucking long that lasts! Plus: DECENT Space Shuttle memorabilia, and a great way to help the homeless!
Park After Dark Park After Dark Season 1 Episode 49 - Going Viral Bubbles is taking no chances with this cocksucker of a Coronavirus - can they kill it with booze and dope? The Boys also discuss the Sunnyvale Earthquake, Mad Mike, and celeb-shaped chicken nuggets! Plus: Is Bubbles in control of his brain ship?
SwearNet : The Movie SwearNet : The Movie Swearnet : The Movie After losing a TV Network deal, the Trailer Park Boys launch their own Internet series, but they soon confront personal and creative differences.
Park After Dark Park After Dark Season 1 Episode 48 - Leap Year Chicken & Liquor Party Keep your head on a swivel - it's a leap year and Bubbles is worried things are about to get fucky! Ricky prepares to wrestle an alligator, Julian researches the pterodactyl, and Bubbles grooves to the WKRP in Cincinnati theme tune. Also: Snake orgies, frozen birds, and Holly Valentine!
Sunnyvale Shoals Sunnyvale Shoals Season 1 Episode 1 - Johnny Reid In the grand Muscle Shoals musical tradition, SwearNet welcomes you to Sunnyvale Shoals! Our first guest, Johnny Reid, came to Canada as a boy from Scotland, and now calls Nashville his home. He brings us a musical blend evoking the country side of soul - and the soul side of country!
Sunnyvale Shoals Sunnyvale Shoals Season 1 Episode 2 - Divine Brown Welcome back to Sunnyvale Shoals! Remember “Old Skool Love?” “Sunglasses?” In this episode we have the reigning Canadian Queen of R&B and soul herself: Juno Award winner Divine Brown!
Sunnyvale Shoals Sunnyvale Shoals Season 1 Episode 3 - Colin James Colin James got his start opening for Stevie Ray Vaughan, who took him under his wing and helped make him the rock and blues star he is today. Now, alongside Chris Caddell and Steve Mariner, we have Colin James here on Sunnyvale Shoals!
Sunnyvale Shoals Sunnyvale Shoals Season 1 Episode 4 - Reeny Smith Multi-award winning singer/songwriter Reeny Smith grew up in a musical family in North Preston, Nova Scotia - right up the road from Sunnyvale! Best known for her wholesome hit single “Good Girl Swag,” now Reeny joins our Sunnyvale Shoals house band.
Sunnyvale Shoals Sunnyvale Shoals Season 1 Episode 5 - Jordan John Instrumentalist and vocalist Jordan John: he sings; he plays guitar, keyboards, drums, and bass like his acclaimed father Prakash John! Now he brings his fresh Canadian take on classic R&B out of the Sunnyvale Shoals house band and on to centre stage.
Sunnyvale Shoals Sunnyvale Shoals Season 1 Episode 6 - Elise LeGrow Singer and songwriter Elise LeGrow of Parkdale, Ontario, has covered Muddy Waters, Etta James, Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, and other songs from the iconic Chess Records catalogue. Now we feature those classics alongside her own material, including a duet with Jordan John and our Shoals house band!
Sunnyvale Shoals Sunnyvale Shoals Season 1 Episode 7 - Matt Andersen Canadian blues man Matt Andersen is a Maritimes legend! He's the recipient of multiple music awards, and has played all over the world - and he was the first Canadian to win top prize in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee. Now he’s back with us in Nova Scotia, on Sunnyvale Shoals!